Maple Syrup - Half Gallon

Maple Syrup - Half Gallon
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There are four grades of maple syrup avaliable in our half-gallon size. 

Grade A Dark Amber Syrup: is a darker color and a stronger flavor syrup than a medium maple syrup. Our Grade A Dark Amber Syrup also makes a good table syrup. It is the most common "real" maple syrup found in grocery stores, although most private sugar camps will suggest the slightly lighter taste of a medium maple syrup

Grade A Medium Amber Syrup: is a medium color and has a good maple flavor. Grade A Medium Amber is the common choice for table use with pancakes, waffles, and French toast. Because this is the most popular maple syrup.

Grade A Light Amber Syrup: is a light color, has a delicate maple flavor. Milroy Farms Grade A Light Amber Syrup has a mostly sweet taste with a very light maple flavor. 

Grade B Maple Syrup: is a darker color, has a strong maple flavor.  Grade B Maple Syrup is a preferred "cooking" syrup because it retains the maple flavor well. Grade B can be used as a table syrup as well; but it's maple flavor often overpowers the taste of sweetness found in the Grade A syrups. 

Like wine, maple syrup flavor preference is based on an individual's own palate.


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